MilkyWay Project

Nov - June 2020


The project is made for students and young workers and is based on the organisation, the re-discovery of trips and is inspired from “Slow-travel”. The goals of this concept are to create a unique and unexpected experience. There are many functionalities which can be used before, during and after your trip.

Thanks to this app you will earn and save money for your trips (connected to an online bank) and you will organise your activities by a geolocated map and different steps to follow. The journey is also an experience, therefore this system promotes the ecological way when it’s possible and it must be a part of your trip. With this concept I created an app which explores a new way of doing trips.


-More connected and mobile than previous generations.
-Regain interest in authentic, unexpected and less touristy things.
-Main cause of reluctance among young peoples: financial factor.
-Lack of interest in more ecological trips.




- For students and young workers.
- A way to facilitate travel and offer a unique experience different from standards.
- Allows the creation of the stages of a trip.
- Reduces the financial factor by promoting greener transport.
- Based on the concept of "Slow Travel*".

*Take the time to enjoy the trip in its entirety and banish the practice of mass consumerism, favor more "lively" or atipical transport, take advantage of every moment and get closer to the local culture and get out of the clichés of mass tourism.


I created an architecture of views to see how to organize the functionalities and which user path to give to my service, the idea was to create a structure with the mains sections (Profil; Rechercher; Catégories; Voyages). I added a lot of tools like a calendar, statistics; a vault; currencies, a converter and an interactive map.


For the project, I created three personae with a different need for each. the first one is a student who needs to be reassured and seeks to get out of his comfort zone, the second is also a student but with a reduced budget and the third is a young worker who who wants time to travel and authenticity in her discoveries.


The identity of the app conveys a minimaslistic aspect with just 2 principal colors (Pink and grey/black) to create a thin atmosphere. I chose the name "MilkyWay" to recall the idea of evasion and dream as if we were on a cloud. Moreover the typography follows this logic of simplicity and minimalism.


Here we have all the architecture of the service with all the pages and interfaces. We can see every way of the UX conception. There are 2 steps in the app, first the anticipation, preparation and economic phase where the user will prepare his trip. Then it's the phase 2 where the user enjoys his trip and the app is here to help him to find the better places to visit, and original activities not to miss. Just below you can see the userflow of the app with all the actions and paths to browse the app.



1- Budget
- Manage a piggy bank
- Generate savings from small amounts
- Partnership with online banks
- Currency exchange

2- Trip
- Offer innovative and authentic activities
- Organize your time
- Centralize the stages of a trip
- Guide the user

3- Others
- Stats related to less polluting trips
- Rate and evaluate their experience




This project allows me to search solution about an initial problem and to experiment some new ways to think about something and try to answer to it. I also tried new concepts about interfaces or just design in general, it was the occasion to improve or strengthen my skills because beyond this project there are all the researches, surveys and experiences that allow me to learn a lot by making some mistakes and correcting them.